Accessories & Kits

PVA Basic Dispense Kit

Our basic time and pressure dispense kit includes a syringe controller, syringes, needle kit, syringe robot bracket, hoses, cables, and cable management.

List Price: $3,500

PVA Solder Paste Dispense Kit

Our solder dispense kit includes a motorized auger value deigned to dispense thick solder paste from a syringe, valve controller, syringes, needle kit, valve robot bracket, hoses, cables, and cable management.

List Price: $6,500

Basic Cognex Vision Inspection Kit

Our basic Cognex inspection kit comes configured with a Cognex inspection sensor with machine learning capabilities.

This kit is configured as a stationary system design to capture good/no-good, presence, absence type inspections that can be trained on very few examples.

Starting at: $20,000

ASG Basic Screw Driving Kit

Our basic robotic screw driving kit includes everything you need to add a high quality ASG X-PAQ precision screw fastening system to your AutoBlocks build. Included in your kit: X-PAQ controller with data recording, transducerized electric driver, all cables, robot mount brackets, screw presenter, and AutoBlocks plug & play wiring and pneumatics. Each system is customized to the screw and torque range required.

Starting at: $16,920

ASG Autofeed Screw Driving Kit

The ASG Auto Feed System is engineered to optimize production by significantly reducing cycle time and labor expenses. Achieving this operational excellence is made possible through key features that focus on speed, dependability, and ease of maintenance. In terms of speed, the system boasts rapid delivery, placing a screw into the jaw set in under half a second. Its streamlined design enhances reliability, virtually eliminating the risk of jams and ensuring consistent performance. Additionally, the system offers tool-free, removable access panels that simplify routine maintenance, saving both time and effort.

List Price: $48,000

Zebra All-in One Plug and Play Bar Code Scanning & Vision Sensors

Zebra now offers a plug and play single sensor for bar code scanning and inspection for Autoblocks. This sensor comes with cables that plug right into the Autoblocks. It can be used for recipe selection, data tracking (when purchased with data tracking package) or upgrade your sensor to a full-blown vision sensor. Our Bar code scanning adds error proofing (recipe selection), data tracking (part scanning), and inspection to your system.

List Price: $1,995

IntelliFlex Feeding Systems Kits

Autoblocks is plug and play with Epson IntelliFlex Feeding Systems. These systems are highly flexible and allow for feeding of parts from 3 to 150mm. Feeders are equipped with back lighting, hoppers, and vision systems. When compared to bowl feeding these systems are highly competitive and flexible. Feeders can handle multiple parts separately or simultaneously.

List Price: $38,000

RDO Induction Power Supply Kit

Our Induction soldering & brazing kits are offered in 5 & 10 Kilowatt sizes, come with a custom coil, communication cables, and mount to out Induction Heating Blocks.

Starting at: $20,000


Japan Unix Robotic Soldering Kit

Our Iron soldering kits come with the world leading Japan Unix soldering Iron head, feeder, tip blow off box, and controller. They are design to quickly mount to the end of a robot arm and come with communication cables, cable management, and robot mount.

Starting at: $12,000


Japan Unix Soldering Feeder Kit

Our solder feeding kits come with the world leading Japan Unix solder feeder, and controller. They are design to quickly mount to the end of a robot arm and come with communication cables, cable management, and robot mount. These kits are typically paired with an Induction heating system as a means to reflow the wire.

Starting at: $9,000


Sonics Ultrasonic Welding Kit

Ultrasonic Welding Kits from the leader and inventor of Ultrasonic Welding – Sonics & Materials. These kits include the ultrasonic head & controller. Tooling & Fixturing sold separately.

Starting at: $20,000

AutoBlocks Remote Access & Data Analytics Kit

Our Remote Access & Data Analytics kit includes a highly secure 4G LTE cellular router, DIN Rail block mounted kit, and depending on your plan 3 years of remote accesses (includes free software upgrades), and Autoblocks Cloud data analytics. Autoblock Cloud offers a cloud based KPI dashboard with critical statics from your autoblocks machine including cycle time, run hours, uptime, down time, fault history, and maintenance dashboard including alerts via email or SMS text

Plans start at $2150.00 for 3 years

Remote Access Only 3 Years – $2150.00
Remote Access & AutoBlocks Cloud 3 Years – $3325.00

Custom Kits

Our engineers are constantly developing new kits and accessories for the AutoBlocks™ universe of systems. We can develop a kit, accessory, custom gripper, or fixture to make your application completely turn-key. Our expertise includes fixture/gripper design, robot programming, machine vision, and feeder design.

Starting at: $8,000