AutoBlocks™ revolutionizes the world of custom machine builds by introducing a standardized approach, effectively minimizing costs and mitigating risks associated with constructing automated systems. Our innovative methodology involves a meticulous step-by-step process that empowers our team of expert engineers to concentrate on strategic customization aspects, such as fixtures, grippers, and other essential end-of-arm tooling. As a result, the machines we deliver adhere to the highly efficient 80/20 rule—80% standardized and 20% tailored to your specific needs.

By embracing this controlled and structured approach, we ensure a predictable and transparent development process that fosters trust among our clients. The predictability of our methodology enables the creation of machines that are not only reliable but also repeatable, scalable, and remarkably easy to support. With AutoBlocks™, you can expect consistent and top-notch performance from your machines, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a streamlined and optimized manufacturing process.

Base Blocks

Every AutoBlocks™ system starts with a Base Block. These fundamental building blocks function as the machine master controller. Although these blocks can be configured to operate as slaves or submasters, a machine build must contain at least one base block. This includes controlling and coordinating operator interaction (HMI, foot pedals, buttons, load/unload sensors, etc.), safety (light curtains, e-stop, power disconnect, etc,), air (distributes air supply), control (Modbus TCP, I/O) and power and circuit breakers for the complete machine including machine blocks (240V single phase). After selecting a Base Block you will be allowed to configure and enhance your base block with options and accessories.

Machine Blocks

After selecting and configuring your Base Block you will be able to add and configure Machine Blocks. Each Base Block will have a range of available Machine Blocks that can be attached to your Base Block to extend the capabilities of your machine. The universe of Machine Blocks is constantly expanding with custom options available upon request and engineering review. Machine blocks typically cannot function without a Base Block and can be configured and customized using Application Kits & Accessories.

Application Kits & Accessories

After selecting and configuring each Machine Block you will be able to add and configure Application Kits & Accessories.” Each Machine Block will have a range of available Application Kits & Accessories that can be attached to your Machine Blocks to customize your machine blocks to your application. The range of Application Kits & Accessories includes industry leading hardware solutions that you already trust and can be quickly configured to your Autoblocks machine. At this stage of the machine build you are approximately 80% configured and have a starting place for your budget.

It is likely you will require some custom tooling such as grippers, fixtures, solder tips, engineer valves, or other NRE to complete your machine build. You can add line items to request custom tooling and NRE as a placeholder for your machine. Upon completing your machine build you will be contacted by applications engineer to review your application requirements, address questions and work on completing your machine proposal.