Keyence Light Curtains

Autoblocks offers plug and play Keyence light curtains. No need to wire anything! Just buy your light curtains with factory cables and plug them in. Done. No power or safety relay required. It’s already in the box! For integrators and customers planning to build their own machines you can buy your own light curtains with our recommended configuration. Recommended for machines that require an enclosure and operator loading station.

Banner Light Towers

Autoblocks allows you to plug in a light tower using standard metric connects. No power or programming required!

Zebra All-in One Plug and Play Bar Code Scanning & Vision Sensors

Zebra now offers a plug and play single sensor for bar code scanning and inspection for Autoblocks. This sensor comes with cables that plug right into the Autoblocks. It can be used for recipe selection, data tracking (when purchased with data tracking package) or upgrade your sensor to a full-blown vision sensor. Our Bar code scanning adds error proofing (recipe selection), data tracking (part scanning), and inspection to your system.

AutoBlocks Remote Access & Data Analytics Kit

Our Remote Access & Data Analytics kit includes a highly secure 4G LTE cellular router, DIN Rail block mounted kit, and depending on your plan 3 years of remote accesses (includes free software upgrades), and Autoblocks Cloud data analytics. Autoblock Cloud offers a cloud based KPI dashboard with critical statics from your autoblocks machine including cycle time, run hours, uptime, down time, fault history, and maintenance dashboard including alerts via email or SMS text