Feedall Flex Feeders

Autoblocks is excited to partner with an industry leader Feedall to offer their Flex Feeders for small part feeding.” These amazing feeders offer the ability to feed to a channel escapement potentially eliminating the need for a robot and vision system or maximum flexibility with a vision system and robot. Its the killer addition for any Autoblocks system to maintain flexibility. Recommended for large range of part sizes at higher feed rates. Can be configured without the need of a vision system.

Asyril Feeders

Autoblocks is offering plug and play integration with Asryl Feeders, the industry leader in Flex feeding of small to medium sized parts. Asyril feeders offer maximum flexibility and easy to program vision systems. Recommended for small flexible part feeding for medium part feed rates.

IntelliFlex Feeding Systems Kits

Autoblocks is plug and play with Epson IntelliFlex Feeding Systems. These systems are highly flexible and allow for feeding of parts from 3 to 150mm. Feeders are equipped with back lighting, hoppers, and vision systems. When compared to bowl feeding these systems are highly competitive and flexible. Feeders can handle multiple parts separately or simultaneously.