Use Cases


Welcome to our Use Case Gallery, where we present a collection of assembly machines built by AutoBlocks™️. Through images and detailed descriptions, we invite you to explore a variety of innovative systems designed and built using our standardized and modular approach. These Turn Block™ and Machine Block™ based solutions demonstrate how AutoBlocks™️ revolutionizes custom machine building, offering cost-efficient modules and easy-to-use software for accelerated deployment, reduced costs, and increased productivity. Immerse yourself in this showcase and witness the transformative power of AutoBlocks™️ in driving next-generation assembly machines.


This machine was designed and built using the Turn Block 24, and the Induction Block. This simple and productive machine is manually loaded/unloaded with a PCB board and some high mass parts that are soldered together using solder paste. The Turn Block table is fitted with fixtures for highly consistent location while the Induction block has a vertical axis of motion to accurately move the heating coil in and out during indexing. The enclosure protects the operator from burning hazards, allows for fume extraction, and provides part tracking through the machine.


This machine was built with the Turn Block, an Epson Robot Block, and a Induction Heating Block that a power supply and a Japan Unix Solder Feeder Application Kit. The Turn Block is fitted with a standard acrylic 24″ table with a tapped hole grid. This system is excellent for high mas soldering applications that can be accomplish in a small fraction of the time when use the power of Induction to reflow solder wire.