Keyence AI Vision Sensor

Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

IV4 series

New – Keyence AI Vision Sensor – AI for everyday projects. Single cable plug and play including POE power/communication from any Autoblocks Control Block.

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Product Description


Advanced Next-Generational AI Enables Powerful Yet Simple and Stable Detection

AI Identify/strong>

No need to fix workpieces in place or use a positioning tool since the AI locates targets.

Confirming the presence of a fork in a container

AI Count

Stable detection is possible for counting applications frequently used on production floors, including quantity/number checking, kit assembly, and production counting.

Counting and front/back identification / Kitting management


All types of characters and prints supported, including embossed, engraved, laser-marked and ink-jet printed parts. Detection is not affected by individual target differences or environmental conditions.

Narrow pitch / Metal engravings / Arced / SEMI font

AI Differentiate

Sort and differentiate good and bad parts with just two images to set up. Equally effective with high-speed moving targets of even 250 parts/sec (4 ms).

Plastic bottle label differentiation / SMD resistor top/bottom differentiation

Easy Setup

No matter how high-performance or stable a sensor may be, if operating the sensor is time-consuming or if configuration requires specialized skills, the sensor’s usability will be reduced. With the IV Series, setup can be completed in just 3 easy steps. Operation can be performed easily by anyone even without a manual.
Step 1: Adjust Focus and Brightness

Using Smart Image Optimization, focus and brightness are adjusted automatically. The process can be completed simply by selecting from a number of image candidates.

Step 2: Set Up Tools for Monitoring

Frequently used tools are displayed in obvious locations. Additional explanations are shown on the right-hand side of the screen to avoid confusion.

Step 3: Complete Setup

Check for problems with a trial run within the tool setup. If the tool is running as expected, move to the final step for output settings.

Extremely Easy Usability

Rich Lineup of Models

• Lighting, lens, camera… all-in-one. No specialized knowledge required
• Short or long range, narrow or wide FOV – every situation supported
• Usable for inspection of extremely small targets with optional magnifying lens attachment

Easy Installation

No trigger sensor needed for installation.

AI Trigger

With a lineup that includes models with a high-flex robotic cable, a compact head, PoE support, and an IP67 enclosure rating, installation is possible even for a wide variety of site conditions.

High-flex robotic cable / PoE (Power over Ethernet)-enabled

The IV Series can be configured in one of 3 ways: using a dedicated panel, using a display, or using a PC.

3-way setup

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