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GL-R series

New – Keyence Light Curtains – Industry leading safety light curtains. Plug and play with Keyence factory cables. Safety relay and power are already in the Autoblock, Pust plug and play!

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Product Description


STRONG – Rugged Exterior Increases Life & Decreases Downtime

The rugged metal housing and recessed lens make the GL-R resistant to twisting, vibration, and even direct impact. Additionally, its high power (15 m 49’+ of range) and increased enclosure ratings (IP65/IP67) allow the GL-R to withstand the most demanding environments.

Confirming the presence of a fork in a container

Confirming the presence of a fork in a container

SMART – Intelligence You Can See

The GL-R offers edge-to-edge protection, eliminating dead zones and the need for additional machine guarding or outside mounting. Full length status indicators, integrated functionality and built-in series connection are a few of the attributes that make the GL-R Series the intelligent choice.

Additional guarding is required to protect dead zones.

Protection is provided over the full length of the light curtain, which allows for flush mounting inside an opening.

SIMPLE – Less Wiring, Less Hardware, Less Work

A built-in controller, unique wiring options, and optional safety relay with quick connect cables greatly contribute to the simplicity of the GL-R Series. Setup is further simplified with quick fit brackets and tools that ensure alignment.

Dedicated relay for the GL-R Series

Laser alignment tool

Front protection cover

Interface unit

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